1. First thumb. The way to Turkey

“Don’t turn around Klaudia, don’t turn around…”, I thought after seeing my mum and little brother waving from the terrace. I thought it would be easier. It was actually until now. When you finally realised that you are leaving everything behind and you don’t know when you’re gonna come back. Even if I didn’t plan it, I couldn’t stop tears coming to my eyes. Goodbye Poland. Now it’s time for a real adventure.

People may ask: “Why are you doing this? Why can’t you just get a job, family, buy a house and keep paying for it till the rest of your life?”. Well, honestly, I think it’s a waste of time. I think some people are too closed-minded, scared and unaware what life is. Life is one. And I don’t wanna waste it. System wants us to work hard every day, pay money to the government and not to have a time for ourselves. When you are young like us (24) you have a lot to learn and travelling is the best teacher. It gives you knowledge, patience, joy and for me, the most important, freedom.

Typical dinner 😉

So after finding the best partner I could ever ask for and saving money for 8 months in England, me and Callum decided it’s the best time to explore the world. And even though some may think it’s a fairytale, travelling is definitely not a piece of cake. Forget about comfort, comfy bed and hot showers, delicious food made by your mummy. It’s a war. War between your mind and its limits, ability to adjust and understand that the world it’s not just Europe. There are some places where people have nothing to eat, they have no facebook and they still live in the jungle. Once you understand that, you are ready. And we were.

Our budget was GBP 15 per day and our first destination was Turkey. We planned to get there in 4 days and we did quite well. Unfortunately, after 3 weeks of sun, the weather decided to change right after we started our overland trip to Australia. To our surprise, the first driver was my neighbour that I call Mrs Krysia, best friend of my mum. Good start. After that we were lucky as well, although hitchhiking would have been much easier with no rain. Slovakia, Hungary and Bugaria were quite dull but we really wished we could have stayed longer in Romania. Beautiful country and very friendly people even though their roads are just terrible.

Wild Romania

In Slovakia we were hosted by one crazy photographer who, in our opinion, is totally out of this planet. He found us at the petrol station and took to his place. I would describe it in one word: chaos. Dogs running around, all crazy shit you can imagine in the garden, walls covered with whatever-he-wanted-to-cover-them-with. Sounds quite interesting and it was, indeed. The thing is that you couldn’t have a normal conversation with him as he was jumping from one topic to another. He was very hospitable though and decided to introduce us to his gypsy friends who met us in their shed. After couple pickles and homemade palinka, family gave us some food and said goodnight. The next day Pavol brought us to Hungarian border saying we inspired him to travel and maybe he would move to Spain. I’m just curious what his family would think about it, hehe.

After few cold nights in the tent we were lucky to get a ride in Bulgaria with a man driving a huge van-limousine that took us directly to Istanbul. Here we are, Turkey. Not the first and probably not the last time.

Our first random host in Slovakia – Pavol



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