4. Countless couchsurfing encounters. Manavgat-Cappadocia

Even though we didn’t have much contact with Gaith after that at least he introduced us to some great guys from Iran. We met them on CS meeting and they just confirmed Iran must be an awesome place. After Antalya we headed to Manavgat where the whole CS group invited us to a high rope park in the middle of the forest. The voice of Babak welcomed us after being a little late and we joined the guys who were trying to make each other’s experience more ‘interesting’. Babak and Hossein were in the worst situation surrounded by crazy friends who tried to swing them off the rope. In the end nobody died and we had lots of fun. After a meal together we all went to swim by the lake nearby. I say “by” because you couldn’t go further than few metres from the shore as the lake was full of weird creatures and water weeds. That’s why we decided to stay close and play water dodge ball sinking in the mud. It was a great day and I really wished we spent more time together as you don’t meet such great people every day. Open-hearted, funny and kind- such people make travelling worth it.

Sunny afternoon with our Iranian friends

We spent one night with two starving cats in Manavgat who tried to eat all our food and they mostly succeeded. Our hosts, couple of musicians left the door open for us warning about few pets but not about 2 little creatures who were constantly hungry and could smell food from few kilometres away. After we cooked delicious meal and tried to have one of these romantic dinners on the terrace, we quickly realised we were not alone. The cats have been spoiled like little babies and they didn’t understand word “no” or “fuck off” either. We fell asleep to the crying of cats who had never enough even though their bowls were full. Our hate towards them grew when we heard a noise in the middle of the night. After switching on the light we saw Them. 2 monsters on the oven ravaging our food – dinner for tomorrow. They ate almost everything and what was left wasn’t edible. Nothing can describe how much we hated them. But what could we do. The hosts came back in the middle of the night so I tried to have some conversation but it didn’t really work out. I just mentioned about her lovely cats and went back to sleep. Tomorrow cooking again. Great.

Delicious food, generous people. Dinner with one of the drivers

After the “cat day” smiley and hungry we headed to Cappadocia, my dream and the symbol of Turkey. Our French, 50-years old bearded host and his 10 couchsurfers welcomed us when we got there in the evening. “I feel so special now”, I thought seeing my piece of floor surrounded by mattresses of other travellers. It would be definitely a great thing if we could share experiences, talk and have fun altogether. If. Most of them, unfortunately, didn’t give a shit just eating by one table and sleeping at the same place. Sad and disappointing but that’s what CS becomes when its overdone. Even though we tried to get to know the other guys, there was little or no response. The only normal conversation I had was with a Turkish and a Slovakian girl who were more interested in socializing than the others. We explored Cappadocia (Pigeon & Rose Valleys) by ourselves and I must say it’s a really amazing place. Not many tourists, tuff caves and mushrooms, nature and sun – for me it was a wonderland. During the last night of pretending we were one big happy CS family we cooked a dinner and decided we would never stay with overexperienced host who kills his time by inviting hords of couchsurfers to his place. Thanks very much, its not about that.

Incredible Cappadocia

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