Wabi-sabi is a way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay”.

I don’t know when it exactly started. But I know that this thing, this deep, inner desire to explore and see places has been in me since always. I remember my mum’s face when I told her I wanted to study tourism. “There’s no money in there, can’t you choose something else?”, she said. I thought of other courses but there was always something missing. The world is so big and so exciting, how could you not want to explore it and learn more about it? And so I decided to travel for life… and so far I have never regretted my decision. My studies gave me lots of opportunities that I used to the fullest: excursions around Europe, Camp America program for students in USA, Erasmus exchange program in Turkey in Spain and many, many more. As I have caught the travel bug for good, right after graduating my Master I started to make plans for my trip around the world. I just didn’t have a good candidate for my travel partner. Fortunately, the help came unbelievably fast.

Me and Callum met in Valencia. Polish girl hitchhiking from Poland to Gibraltar and English man travelling in Spain. Couchsurfing, of course. It didn’t take much time till we decided to start saving for the longest and the most important journey of our lifes. After 8 months of living in UK and saving intensively every penny, we flew to Poland where on 20th of August 2015 we started our hitchhiking trip to Australia. Yes, Australia. Quite a way, ha? As we calculated our budget, we had enough money to get to Australia within 1,5 a year so we could do a bit of working there and save enough for the second part of our trip – South America.

The journey was tough but absolutely rewarding. We travelled through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia – both by hitchhiking, buses, trains, trucks, tractors and any other kind of transportation you can imagine. We slept in the weirdest and most uncomfortable places in our life but you know what? At the same time they were the most beautiful and the most freeing experiences ever. We have met so many wonderful people who will always stay in our heart. The places that before I’ve seen only in books/Internet I could actually see with my own eyes, feel them, smell them, touch them. And remember them forever. The whole journey made me realize how rich and diverse the world is and how much more is there to discover.

But as the title of my blog says, Wabi-sabi was our main goal. Learning how to appreciate everything and everyone, accepting the differences between people and finding beauty in every little thing. Learn and give, that’s what I’ve learned is the most important thing to achieve happiness. And although we are not going to continue the second part of our journey together (yes, we couldn’t stand each other anymore, haha) as we decided to part our ways, the experience that we had together will stay with us forever and hopefully, in a couple of years, we will be able to sit down and laugh at all the adventures we have been through during our journey from Poland to Australia overland.

Right now I’m continuing my private journey on my own, still learning a lot about myself and how to appreciate every moment in my life. South America is still on my list and, sooner or later, I’ll get there and then I’m gonna come back with more posts 🙂 I must admit that not only my 2 years journey but, most importantly, living in Australia and having time to process all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained gave me a proper time and space to grow as a person, discover who I really am and what I want from my life. As you can see, you never know what travelling may bring, sometimes it’s something completely unexpected 🙂 But whatever it is, it’s going to teach you soooo much and it’s going to change your life.

Good luck from a fellow hitchhiker 😉



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